The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm, PLLC

The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm, PLLC

The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm, PLLC handles automotive, pharmaceutical, and other product centered and negligence cases.

We Are Hiring!

Do you want to be part of a team where your talents are valued? Are you looking for long-term stability and security? A place where your skills will be nurtured and developed? A place where you will work on challenging and complex cases? If so, the Julian C. Gomez Law Firm may be the place for you. 

We are looking for a bilingual team member, who can help us provide the best client experience of any law firm in the country. We believe in making people's lives better, getting to know our clients personally, and using cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of legal representation. This will not be the perfect job for everyone. If you want to be micromanaged or like hanging around the waiting for directions, we are probably not a good fit. But if you are a self self-starter with intuition who seeks out solutions to problems, not problems with solutions, then keep reading. 

You need to show us that you are smart, empathetic, open-minded, have a passion for learning, work well with others, comfortable with technology, detail oriented, and can speak and write both English and Spanish. You need to be someone who is self-confident and seeks constant improvement, is loyal, honest and caring, and can be a straightforward advocate for our clients.

We value productivity, but we measure productively differently than most. We do not measure productivity in “how many hours did you work today?” or other conventional so-called measures of “productivity.” We want someone who focuses on one thing and one thing only—getting the best results for our clients. By the way, our clients come from all walks of life, so you need to be an “expert” at interacting with all different kinds of people experiencing all different kinds of traumatic events and that may only speak Spanish.

For the right candidate, this may very well be the most exciting job opportunity you will ever find. But before you apply, be sure that you’re 100% committed to becoming a superstar as quickly as you can.

If you are still interested, please go to and complete the Google Forms employment application. You will need to have a Google account to sign in to access the employment application form. This is ensures we do not get a bunch of spam. The employment application form asks a series of questions and towards the end requires you to upload your resume via Dropbox’s File Requests tool. You do not have to have a Dropbox account to upload your resume. The application will take a few minutes, but it ensures that the right candidates apply for this exciting and potentially life changing job opportunity.

UPDATE: We have had several applications and only have one position left to fill. Apply now before this opportunity passes you by.

 We cannot wait to hear from you,

Julian C. Gomez